Annual Balance Sheets

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The company

FEVROPLAST SA is a family business, which was founded in 1996 and its main activity is plastics recycling. As a recovery facility, we are fully certified and we own all legal permissions and certifications required regarding waste handling, transport & recycling.


Our company contributes in the environmental protection as well as in reducing energy consumption while at the same time, by recycling plastics we help take away from soil a product that needs more than 500 years to be absorbed!


Our factory is located in north Greece, near the industrial area of Cherso Kilkis in a strategic location which offers easy and immediate access from Thessaloniki as well as from Balkan countries. Our factory occupies a large land  area of 50,000 square meters, from which 6,000 is buildings. As a result we are able to receive, store and recycle large quantities of materials.


We cooperate with both local and foreign companies and we are interested in establishing long-term business relationships.


Our qualified staff offers to our business partners excellent quality & reliable service.