If you want to receive samples of our products please follow the steps:

1. Check our website for available products
2. Fill out the following form with the appropriate information.
     Fields marked with * are prerequisite.
3. Read the instructions at the bottom of this page!

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* Please note that according to our company policy we provide samples for free but the recipient is responsible for paying the courier costs.
* Normal post and courier bear the same cost.
* You will need to contact the courier company of your choosing and arrange for pick-up by yourself.
* If all the above information is accurate, samples will be prepared and ready for pick-up within 2 working days after your order submission.

All necessary information required by your courier in order to arrange the pick-up can be found below.

Please give ALL the following information to your courier:

Pick up samples from:

Cherso Kilkis
61002 Greece
[There is no street number, the factory is located on the 59th km of national road Thessaloniki-Doirani and the location is well-known to all local courier offices]
Tel.: 0030 23410 51842
Contact Person: Ms Rouzi Stella

Description: Samples of plastic material
Quantity: less than 500gr (unless otherwise requested by recipient)
No value (we will stipulate $1 for accounting purposes)
Samples will be accompagnied by a proforma invoice that will be issued by sender (Fevroplast SA)
Samples are sent at recipient's cost - ALL expenses are charged to and paid by the recipient (relevant account number).
If required, the courier must send the consignment note to info@fevroplast.gr prior to the day of pick-up.

For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us [ info@fevroplast.gr ]